Teamsters Local 238

Teamsters Local 238 Endorses Tricia Gavin

Democrat Tricia Gavin vows to stand up for workers’ rights across the state

WEST DES MOINES — Democratic State Senate Candidate Tricia Gavin has been endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 238 in her candidacy for the Senate District 22 seat, which includes Waukee, Clive, Windsor Heights and portions of West Des Moines.

Jim Romar, political coordinator for Teamsters Local 238, announced the endorsement in a statement issued November 13. Romar said, “Gavin will work hard on workers’ rights, work to restore chapter 20 rights, and protect Iowa’s public pension system that is so important to attract and retain ethical employees.”

Romar continued, “Gavin will work tirelessly to fund public education and public safety, and she will also work to make sure Medicaid goes back to actually work for Iowans.”

Gavin stressed the importance of this endorsement and emphasized her commitment to being an ally to Iowa’s workforce. “This endorsement is a huge honor,” she said. “Coming from a union family, I realize the important role that labor unions play in protecting the rights of Iowa’s workers, fighting for sustainable wages, and enhancing Iowa’s future economic growth.

“Iowa currently ranks 44th in business environment,” she continued. “We need to entice companies and industries that bring good paying, unionized jobs to Iowa, and promote policies that will add to the workforce of businesses already in the state. Union jobs give hard working Iowans an opportunity to make a good living and puts them on career paths that support the needs of our communities.”

Gavin said she would make raising Iowa’s minimum wage a top campaign issue. “We haven’t raised the minimum wage in years, and it needs to be a priority,” she said.

“I vow to bring back collective bargaining for public and private sectors. Under my leadership, I also will protect both private and public retirement funds that ensure the future of hard working Iowans for generations to come. No one should have to worry about making ends meet after devoting their life to work and contributing to the economic growth of the state,” Gavin said.

About the International Brotherhood of Teamsters:

The Teamsters Union is North America’s strongest and most diverse labor union. In 1903, the Teamsters started as a merger of the two leading team driver associations. The Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers, but have organized workers in virtually every occupation, both professional and non-professional, in the private and public sectors.

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