My value system centers around many things but the common threads that I will commit to when running for office include:


Throughout my life I have had multiple opportunities, which taught me to be of sound moral character. I had to represent my high school and college on the Women’s Golf Team. I was also the Principal of my class and a Student Senator. Both roles taught me to represent and lead others in a positive manner. I have always fought for the underdog and less fortunate by encouraging them or sticking up for them when they were unable to represent themselves out of fear or humility. I have held many jobs that have held me to a high standard of ethics.


Being an oldest child, I was held accountable for setting a good example for my two younger sisters. Throughout my career, I have been an employee that is called upon to deliver with careful consideration and in a timely manner. My marketing degree taught me to represent a company competently.


†††††††††I am a person who perseveres to a fault. If I say I am going to do something, I do not give up until I have met the approval of those involved and completed the task at hand.  I am committed to running a successful campaign, representing ALL Iowans and making Iowa the best place to live.

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