Issues I support



  • All students need quality education in a safe environment from Pre-K through college.
  • We need to make sure community colleges, private colleges and state universities are affordable for every Iowan.
  • Educators and education support professionals in Iowa deserve 100% support from our state, which includes collective bargaining rights. Teachers need to be involved in educational decision-making.
  • Budgets need to be fully funded to ensure student proficiency for the 21st century.
  • Student behaviors are impacting learning, therefore we need to ensure safety preparedness and adequate support staff to provide mental health support.
  • We need to create better job opportunities by expanding job training & apprenticeships.
  • Law enforcement training needs to be fully funded to support the evolving threats to our security.


  • We rank 44th in entrepreneurship and business environment; we must protect, promote and grow our economy.
  • We need to protect our family farmers to ensure they receive fair compensation for their commodities and ensure they can compete in our state.
  • It’s time to bring new strong, high-paying and sustainable union jobs to our state.

Water Quality

  • Water is a basic human need but Iowa ranks 41st in water quality in our country and this is unacceptable. We need to ensure all Iowans have access to clean drinking and recreational water (which in turn brings more revenue into the state).
  • We need to ensure our elected officials are providing ample funding to support permanent funding and solutions to improve water quality.
  • I will support the continued advancement of water pollution initiatives to help protect our families, pets, livestock and wild animals.

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